What a year it’s been to date! Luckily, we seem to have experienced a few sunny days along the way (perhaps somewhat making up for lockdown). As we continue battling COVID-19 many are still working from home. It’s no secret that the warmer weather plus increased household use is adding to drain issues across the country.  

Isn’t it just the winter that causes problems? 

orange autumn maple leaf

Unfortunately not. Whilst heavy rainfall, flooding and the autumn leaves are certainly a nuisance, warmer days also cause problems.

You can’t rely on British weather!  

Discussing the weather is a ‘typically British’ topic of conversation and here at Drains Clean we like to stick with tradition! According to a BBC article published back in January 2020, the last decade has in fact been the second hottest in a hundred years. Let’s face it though, we never really know if we’re coming or going in the UK. One day can be scorching with rain, wind and a chill the following. It’s safe to say, we cannot rely on the good old British weather! So how do the warmer spells affect our drains? 

Hot pipes can prove problematic

If you think about it, the majority of drain pipes are now made from plastic. Placed externally around homes, pipes can fall foul of sun damage. During particularly hot spells, drain pipes can be prone to cracking and splitting. Longer spells of direct heat and UV rays also causes plastic to become brittle. 

Unfortunately there’s more;

orange sunshine

Sadly, destruction doesn’t always necessarily end above ground. During lengthier sunny periods the ground can sometimes crack. This results in an unnecessary strain on pipes sitting underneath the surface and ultimately, damage. 

How can damage be prevented in warmer weather? 

Regrettably there isn’t much you can do to prevent the above instances occurring. What you can do however is be mindful during summer months (whenever they decide to be each year)! Whilst you can’t see what’s going on below the surface, you certainly have access to external drain pipes. It pays to check them every week or so for any signs of damage. Fixing problems earlier means they shouldn’t be so costly later down the line. 

Keep your drains healthy;

Keeping drains clear throughout each and every season certainly helps eliminate issues. As we’ve mentioned, leaves are a pain during autumn and winter months and in contrast, dust, grit and sand don’t help throughout spring and summer. 

sandy pile

Whilst we can’t do anything specifically to stop drains from cracking and breaking during the summer months, we can keep an eye out for impending problems. Keep drains clear from leaves and try not to shake a day at the beach off in the shower!

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