What causes a drain problem?

If your sinks are draining slower than they usually do, chances are you have a blocked drain. Drains are usually caused by a build up of material for example, grease, hair, tissue paper, baby wipes or even a build up of solid food. A build up of any of these can cause a clog in the draining system. 

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Although the obvious solution to blocked drains is chemical drain cleaners, these are not always helpful.  In fact, chemical drain cleaners can often worsen the situation, plumbers and drain specialists are regularly dealing with the results of using chemical drain cleaners. But why are drain cleaners so in-effective?

Why aren’t chemical drain cleaners effective?

Chemical drain cleaners will most likely only provide you with short term solutions and in the long run worsen your drain problems. Most drain cleaning solutions won’t actually help larger clogs or sewer problems. 

Negative factors 





How to unblock drains safely and efficiently 

toilet plunger

If you suspect you have a blocked drain try and avoid using chemical draining cleaners. Instead, either seek advice from a professional plumber or invest in a plumbers snake rod. This is a great way to help with a variety of drainage problems. If this method is still ineffective then seek help from your local drainage experts. 

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