With the emergence of rodents due to the current pandemic, it’s now time to be even more vigilant both at home & in the workplace. So how can you protect your drains from rats? Well, there are a variety of methods you can use to prevent and protect against such rodents. These include sealed drainage, rodent barriers, traps, cages, and covers/gratings. 

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How do professionals remove rats from drains?


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If you suspect rats are living in your drainage system or even the home, it is important to take immediate action. You need to prevent rodents from further entry and finding more access points. Rat infestations can develop at an extremely quick rate so it is essential you contact a professional drainage company to get rid of any rat infestations. 

We offer a time efficient service to remove any rodents which may be infesting your home or drainage systems. We have a high standard of modern technology allowing us to be prepared for any drainage problem whether in a domestic or commercial property. 

But Where are the rats coming from? 

This is an extremely common question. You must always try to identify the place in which the rodents are entering to reduce the amount of time spent on getting rid of the infestation. They often enter through small cracks in drain pipes however they are also very good climbers so you should always check at higher points in drain pipes. 

Fixing the entry points

We offer a variety of methods to fix the entry points from further usage. This can be either root removal services or no-dig drain relining service. Both these methods allow us to fix any issues affecting the drain pipes. 

Methods for future prevention 


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In order to ensure long term prevention against rodents we offer future prevention methods to keep rats away for good. This is carried out by installing flaps, valves and guards to prevent any further entry.  

For further information contact our team today. 

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