Reasons Not to Use Chemical Drain Cleaners

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What causes a drain problem? If your sinks are draining slower than they usually do, chances are you have a blocked drain. Drains are usually caused by a build up of material for example, grease, hair, tissue paper, baby wipes or even a build up of solid food. A build up of any of these […]

Protect Your Drains From Rats

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With the emergence of rodents due to the current pandemic, it’s now time to be even more vigilant both at home & in the workplace. So how can you protect your drains from rats? Well, there are a variety of methods you can use to prevent and protect against such rodents. These include sealed drainage, rodent […]

Warm Weather & Your Drains

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What a year it’s been to date! Luckily, we seem to have experienced a few sunny days along the way (perhaps somewhat making up for lockdown). As we continue battling COVID-19 many are still working from home. It’s no secret that the warmer weather plus increased household use is adding to drain issues across the […]

Tackling Wet Wipes: To Flush or Not to Flush

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Upon searching online as to whether or not wet wipes can be flushed away, you’ll come across arguments both for and against. At Drains Clean we’re here to provide a definite answer alongside the reasoning as to why you should NOT flush wet wipes.  You may have noticed that some manufacturers claim their wet wipes […]

The Baking Soda & Vinegar Trick

chemical reaction in scientific beaker

If you’ve not heard of this trick to unblock drains, you’re sure to find it as a quick DIY fix upon hitting the internet. The question is, does this really work?  We did an experiment; Taking a bowl, a large tablespoon of butter was added. The idea of the butter was to mirror the likes […]

Problems with Blocked Drains?

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Experiencing a blocked drain at home is frustrating and can slow daily life down to a crawl. Annoying and time consuming, the issue cannot be ignored. At Drains Clean we highly recommend reaching out for professional help. During COVID-19 lockdown, there is a growing number of problems with blocked drains being reported. It makes sense; […]